IMPORTANT NOTE: This page provides links to old Intel® XDK docs. For the latest Intel XDK docs, please visit the most up to date documentation.

NOTE: We have deprecated the "AppMobi" and "appMobi" API namespaces for properties, methods and events that are part of the Intel® XDK APIs and replaced them with the "intel.xdk" namespace. As we update our documentation we will correct these deprecated references. In the meantime, any references to the AppMobi and appMobi namespaces in documentation, samples and code examples when referring to Intel XDK APIs should be replaced with an equivalent reference in the intel.xdk namespace.

The deprecated AppMobi and appMobi namespace will continue to work for the near future, but support will eventually be dropped in favor of the new namespace. Please switch as soon as is practical to the intel.xdk namespace.

EXCEPTION: Properties, methods and events that are used by appMobi services are not changing and should still be referenced by using the appropriate "AppMobi" or "appMobi" namespace. These items are called out on the individual API object pages, and can also be viewed on the appMobi documentation page.

For full details, reference the "JavaScript API Reference" page below.